Cox Remote Not Working

Cox Remote Not Working: Won’t Change Channels But Volume Works

Have you got ready to settle in for a cozy night of binge-watching your favorite TV shows, only to find that your Cox remote is not working as intended and won’t change channels, but the volume control works fine?   

In this read, you’ll know the causes of this strange problem and troubleshooting hacks to help you get back the remote working again.

Why does my Cox remote change volume but not channels?

  • The remote is not correctly programmed with your cable TV box.
  • Other nearby electronic devices might be interfering with the remote’s infrared.
  • Corrupt or outdated cable box firmware. 
  • Hardware damage.
  • Weak or misplaced batteries.
  • Compatibility issue between the remote and cable box.

How do I get my Cox remote to change channels?

1. Check the Batteries

You may have placed the batteries incorrectly inside the compartment, resulting in remote operational failure. To fix this, take out the batteries from their compartment and place them accurately with the “+” and “-” terminals. Afterward, press the Power button to check whether the remote is changing channels.

If this doesn’t work, replace the batteries, which might be weak.

2. Remove Interference Between the Remote and Cable Box

Sometimes, other electronic devices in your home can interfere with the infrared signal between the Cox remote and the cable box. When this happens, the remote tends to misbehave and gives up on some of its features.

So try turning off nearby devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, and see if the remote works again. Also, ensure that there is no obstacle or object between the direct line of sight of your Cox remote and cable box.

NOTE: The Cox remote only works within a range of 10 feet from the cable TV box.  

3. Pair the Remote with the Cable TV Box

Your Cox remote may not have been correctly programmed with your streaming box, due to which it is failing to operate fully.

To pair the Cox remote with your cable box, aim the remote at the set-top box. Next, press and hold the Contour and Info buttons simultaneously and wait until the remote light turns green. 

Next, press the Menu button, enter the three-digit code on the TV screen, and press OK to complete the process. 

INFO: If you are using an older model of Cox remote, press and hold the Setup button to pair your Cox remote with the cable box.

4. Power Cycle the Cable TV Box

Corrupt settings or technical glitches on the set-top box can also prevent the Cox remote from changing channels and other issues. 

To fix this, unplug your cable TV box from the power source and wait 20 seconds. Afterward, plug the set-top back into the mains, turn it on, and try pairing the remote to verify the fix.

5. Check the Model of the Remote

Using a third-party Cox remote might cause compatibility issues with your cable TV box, leading to multiple issues, such as the inability to change channels. 

To avoid this, purchase the Cox remote from a Cox-authorized retailer and ensure it is compatible with your cable box. If you are unsure of it, check the product label on the remote’s back cover.

6. Let Cable Box Update

Cox cable box updates automatically to give you the optimal viewing experience. It will display a message on the screen that allows you to continue with the update or skip it. If you are in the habit of skipping the update, this may cause the remote to experience issues while changing channels.

Therefore, always let the box update itself whenever one is available or change the update schedule that is convenient with your timing.

7. Reset Remote

It is possible that your cable box is glitching, resulting in limited Cox remote functionality. To resolve this, reset your Cox remote connection to your cable box. For this, press and hold the A and D buttons simultaneously until the red LED turns green, press 9-8-1 in a sequence, and initiate the pairing process.

INFO: If you use an older Contour Voice or Contour remote model, press & hold the Setup button until the red LED turns green.

8. Replace the Remote

If you are still facing the issue, the problem might be the remote itself. 

Check your remote for any visible damage, such as cracks or dents, and see whether the infrared light turns red or green when you press the channel button. If the remote is faulty, sign into your account through the Cox app or website and chat with the Cox Customer Service team to order a replacement remote. 


In this article, we’ve explored why Cox remote is not working or why it won’t change channels, but volume works. We’ve also provided some best solutions that have proven to resolve this issue for many users.

Hopefully, your remote is working now as it should, and you can enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience by going through different channels effortlessly.