How To Stop AirPods From Being Tracked

How To Stop AirPods From Being Tracked? 3 Possible Ways

Do you own a pair of AirPods and want to stop them from being tracked to get rid of their location notifications? 

Below, we’ll explore how you can do this without much hassle and answer some other related queries.

How do I turn off tracking on AirPods?

1. Remove the AirPods From Find My App

The simplest solution is to remove your AirPods from the Find My app on your device. For this, you’ve to first unpair the AirPods from Bluetooth settings on your devices with these steps:

  • Open device Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Tap the AirPods’ name.
  • Tap the More Info icon.
  • Select Forget This Device.
  • Tap Forget This Device again to confirm.

Once you unpair the AirPods, do the following steps to remove them from the Find My app on your device:

  • Place the AirPods in the charging case that comes with them and then close the lid.
  • Open Find My app.
  • Tap Devices.
  • Select your AirPods.
  • Tap Remove This Device.
  • Tap Remove.

Your AirPods location will now turn off, stopping their tracking notifications.  

2. Remove the AirPods From Find My Using iCloud

You can also stop your AirPods from being tracked using the Apple Find My service through the iCloud website. Here’s how:

  • Launch a browser on your iOS device and go to the iCloud Find page.
  • Sign in with Apple ID. 
  • Choose Devices.
  • Select your AirPods.
  • Tap Remove From Account and confirm if prompted.

3. Reset The AirPods

Factory resetting your AirPods to default settings can also stop their tracking ability. 

For all AirPods and AirPods Pro generations, place them in their charging case and close the lid. After 30 seconds, open the lid and press & hold the Set Up button at the back of the case for approximately 15 seconds. Wait for the status light to flash amber and then white.

On AirPods Max, press and hold the Digital Crown and Noise Control buttons simultaneously on the top of the right ear cup. After about 15 seconds, the status light next to the charging port will change from flashing amber to flashing white, indicating that the reset process is complete.

Can AirPods always be tracked?

You can always track your AirPods if you have set up the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and signed in beforehand.

To check the location, launch the Find My app, tap Devices and select your AirPods from the list. Depending on your AirPods, the app might individually show you the right and left earbuds along with the case. 

Tap the AirPods or the case you are looking for, and if both of them are within the Bluetooth range, the app will show you the Find option, which will direct you to their location. You can also tap the Play Sound option and follow a chime to help you locate your lost AirPods.

However, the Find My app will provide the Directions option if the AirPods are off or outside the Bluetooth range. This option will show you the last known location of your AirPods on a map.

INFO: You can also track your AirPods through the Find My option on the iCloud website. 

How far can AirPods be tracked?

You can track your AirPods if they are within 40 feet (or 10 meters) of one of your linked Apple devices. Beyond this range, the tracking accuracy may be compromised to determine the exact location of the AirPods.

Can you track lost AirPods with serial number?

Tracking lost AirPods using serial numbers is not possible because Apple does not offer any other service to locate or flag your device. However, You can use the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the updated device software for this purpose.

INFO: If the authorities find your stolen or lost AirPods, the serial number can help you prove the ownership.


In this article, we’ve discussed how to stop AirPods from being tracked if you want to store them for a long time or disable notifications on your device.

We hope that the solutions in this article helped you answer all your questions about AirPods and their location-tracking services.