Tinder Keeps Logging Me Out

Tinder Keeps Logging Me Out: 8 Fixes To Stay Logged In

Are you wondering why Tinder keeps logging you out whenever you’re in the middle of swiping sessions while choosing your matches?

We’ve compiled this brief guidance to help you understand what causes this issue and how to remove this hurdles in your online dating experience. 

Why did Tinder kick me out?

  • Tinder service is momentarily down.
  • You’re using an outdated version of the Tinder application.
  • The verification process is incomplete when you initially signed up on Tinder.
  • The Tinder app cache is overloaded or system files are corrupt on your device. 
  • Your internet connection speed is too slow, or the Wi-Fi signal strength is poor, causing intermittent disconnections. 
  • Tinder is in the process of reviewing your profile. 
  • Multiple apps are running in your device’s background and eating away the bandwidth necessary to stay logged into Tinder. 

How do I fix my Tinder login glitch?

1. Force-Stop and Launch Tinder App

Let’s discuss the easiest of the solutions first: force-stop the Tinder app to get rid of the corrupt session bugs that result in this annoying and random glitch. Here’s how:


  • Open Android “Settings.” 
  • Go to “Apps.”
  • Scroll and tap “Tinder.”
  • Tap “Force Stop.”


  • Access the iOS home screen.
  • Locate “Tinder” (by swiping left or right).
  • Swipe up to force-close the Tinder app.

Afterward, re-open the Tinder app and verify that you can stay logged in. If not, it is best to restart your device and check whether that trick works!

2. Check Tinder Service Status

If Tinder continues to sign you out, its service might be down at that particular moment. 

To confirm this, visit any third-party site such as downdetector.com, and if others are experiencing the same issue in your area, wait patiently till Tinder developers figure out the bugs resulting in this problem. 

3. Update Tinder Application

Another possibility is you are using an outdated Tinder app on your device that might be bugged and cause random logouts. 

Luckily, you can quickly check and resolve this by simply updating the Tinder app on your Android or iOS device this way:

  • Open Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  • Search “Tinder.”
  • Tap “Update” (if this option is available).

Now, relaunch the Tinder app and see if this fixes your issue!

4. Clear Tinder App Cache

Like other apps, corrupt Tinder cache data is another reason you are randomly kicked out of it. The fix here is to clear this corrupt date by following the instructions below:


  • Open Android “Settings.” 
  • Scroll and tap “Apps.”
  • Select “Tinder.”
  • Go to “Storage.”
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”
  • Tap “Clear Data.”


  • Open iPhone/iPad “Settings.” 
  • Tap  “General.”
  • Tap iPhone or iPad Storage.
  • Select “Tinder.”
  • Tap “Offload App.”
  • Tap “Offload App” again.
  • Open “App Store.”
  • Search “Tinder.”
  • Tap “GET.”

5. Check Shadowban status

You may have been shadowbanned by Tinder because you violated their terms and conditions or did not verify your email/password earlier. With this ban, sometimes, the platform signs you out and asks you to register with a new account.

Instead of creating a new Tinder account, there is a workaround that works quite often. 

  • Open the Tinder website.
  • Click Log In.”
  • Select “Trouble Logging In.”
  • Type your existing email.
  • Open the link you receive in the email on your mobile device, and this will take you to the Tinder app.
  • When asked, enter the phone number associated with the account and verify it.
  • Afterward, verify your current email in the same manner and verify you can stay logged in now.

6. Fix Network Issues

Tinder and other apps randomly logging you out can be the result of internet connectivity issues. To fix these network issues, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Reboot/Reset your router to restore the default speed received by your network provider.
  • Try to use the device running the Tinder app closer to the router to fix weak Wi-Fi signals (Invest in Wi-Fi signal boosters, too).
  • Ask your internet service provider if they are experiencing downtime, resulting in poor internet speed.
  • Quit any other applications on your device now operating in the background. By doing this, you’ll be able to clear up memory and enable Tinder to complete the requests required to authenticate you into your profile.

7. Reinstall Tinder App

Tinder system files can also corrupt due to online bugs and give rise to strange issues like the one you’re reading in this guide. Therefore, reinstall the Tinder app in the following way, and hopefully, this will sort out your problem. 

To do this:


  • Tap & hold the Tinder app on the home screen and tap “Uninstall.”
  • Open Play Store.
  • Search “Tinder.”
  • Tap “Install.”


  • Like Android, tap & hold the Tinder app.
  • Choose “Delete.”
  • Tap “Delete App.”
  • Open the App Store.
  • Search “Tinder.”
  • Tap “GET.”

Note: While deleting Tinder from your device, you won’t lose your pictures, messages, and matches, and you can access them back when you reinstall the app and sign in again.   

8. Contact Tinder customer support 

If all else fails and you are still experiencing this frustration, reach out to Tinder customer support and let them know about your problem. They can help you describe the alternate routes to sign in to your profile and resume matchmaking on the platform.  


In this article, we’ve looked into why Tinder keeps logging you out of your account. We’ve also shared several fixes with you, along with detailed instructions, to help you resolve this irritating problem.

Hopefully, you now possess sufficient information to continue using your Tinder account and have an uninterrupted experience while matching making.