We Can't Verify Your Email Now Hulu Error

We Can’t Verify Your Email Now Hulu Error: 6 Easy Fixes

Are you getting a “We can’t verify your email now” error while creating a new Hulu account to watch your favorite programs?  

In this article, we’ll explain why this error shows up on the Hulu signup page and how you can rectify this problem quickly.  

Why does Hulu say it can’t verify my email now?

  • You are accessing Hulu outside the US.
  • Corrupt Chrome browser cache or incompatible browser.
  • Inputting incorrect email credentials. 
  • Hulu service is down.
  • Signing up with an email account already registered on Hulu.

How do I fix we can’t verify your email now Hulu error?

1. Enter Email Address Correctly

Hulu can show the error if you are typing in an invalid email address. The Caps lock on your keyboard might be on, or a simple typo error is triggering the error. To fix this, make sure you enter the correct email address in the right capitalization format and characters, free of typo mistakes.  

2. Use a New Email Account

You may be signing up using an old email account already associated with Hulu, resulting in the email verification error. The same issue can also occur when your Hulu account subscription expires, and you create a new account with the old email. 

The best way to tackle this situation is to use a new email address to create the account or go to the Hulu Find Account page, type in the old email, and click SEND ME A RESET LINK to recover your account and log in to the service.  

INFO: If you have forgotten the email address, click the “I don’t remember my email address” link on the Hulu Find Account page and provide additional details to recover your old email and account. 

Next, head to the subscription page, choose a plan to reactivate the Hulu service, and resume watching your favorite shows and movies on your device. 

3. Clear Chrome Browser Cache

Chrome Browser cache can corrupt over time and cause signup and streaming issues on various websites, including Hulu’s “We can’t verify your email now” error message. So clear the browser cache and try signing up again on the Hulu website:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click the three dots.
  • Select More Tools.
  • Click Clear Browsing Data.
  • Set the Time Range to All Time and check all the other boxes below.
  • Click “Clear Data.”

Note: If you still cannot create a new account on Hulu and get the email verification error, switch your browser and see if this helps with the issue. 

4. Use VPN Service

Hulu streaming service is only available to US residents. So, if you try to sign up from abroad, you may still get the verification error on the new account page. This can happen even if you are using the correct email address.

However, a quick workaround for this issue is using a reliable VPN service to mimic the US IP address and creating a Hulu account. However, many users have reported that only a select few VPNs are helpful in this regard. So try a few services and choose what works best for you to sign up with Hulu successfully. 

5. Check The Hulu Server 

If the Hulu servers are down while you are signing up, this can trigger the email verification error code. To confirm your suspicion, head to the Hulu Down Detector page and check for an outage. If so, sign up again after a few hours. 

6. Contact Hulu Support

If none of the solutions worked to fix the Hulu email verification issue, contact Hulu support. Report the problem and await their response. They may come up with something that can help you create an account with the service. 


This article explains the Hulu email verification error. We’ve also explored how to remove it and successfully log into the service.  

We hope you can now create a Hulu account and access the shows and movies you love the most on your TV, computer, Smart TV, or mobile device.