HBO Max Doesn't Work On Philips TV

Solved: HBO Max Doesn’t Work On Philips TV

HBO Max offers subscribers a ton of streaming joy, but many users complain that the app doesn’t work and load content on their Philips Smart TV.  

In this article, we’ll explain why this happens and in what ways you can rectify this problem.

Can I watch HBO Max on Philips TV?

You can download the HBO Max app from the Google Play Store and watch the content streaming on it using your Android or Google tvOS-powered Philips Smart TV. 

To make sure your Philips TV is compatible, cross-check it with the list of compatible devices on the HBO Max website. 

If you cannot find your TV on the list, buy the latest Philips model or streaming device like Roku or Firestick, compatible with the HBO Max app.

Why is my HBO Max app not working on my TV?

  • Temporary bugs on the app or TV firmware are creating conflicts.
  • Philips TV is incompatible with the installed HBO Max app. 
  • Outdated HBO Max app or Philips TV software.
  • Corrupt HBO app cache or installation files.
  • Streaming service outage.
  • Network speed issues.

How do I fix HBO Max on my Philips TV? 

1. Power Cycle your TV

Power cycling or hard resetting your Philips TV often fixes temporary bugs on the app or the TV firmware. For this:

  • Power off your TV and plug the power cable from the AC outlet. 
  • Wait for 1 minute. 
  • Plug the TV power cable back into the AC outlet and turn it on.  
  • Open the HBO Max app and verify it is loading and working now. 

2. Troubleshoot Network Issues

Slow internet speed or poor WiFi signals are the primary cause of the HBO Max app malfunctioning on the TV. Therefore, fix your network connection by implying these methods one by one: 

  • Head to the TV Wi-Fi settings under “Network Settings,” and ensure it is connected to your home internet.
  • Next, move the Philips TV or the router closer to each other to fix poor Wi-Fi signals. 
  • Restart your router.
  • If possible, move your Philips TV closer to the router for better Wi-Fi signals or use a wired connection.
  • Finally, contact your internet service provider and ask them about issues causing the internet speed to lag. 

3. Clear HBO Max Cache 

With time, the HBO Max app cache corrupts on the TV and results in streaming issues or showing black bars. However, you can quickly fix this by clearing the app cache on the Philips TV in the following way:

  • Head to TV “Settings.”
  • Select “Apps.” 
  • Select “Max.”
  • Choose “Clear Cache” and confirm this by pressing OK on the remote.
  • Open the HBO Max app, and it should start to load on your TV.

NOTE: If you cannot Log in to MAX with a provider, clearing the app cache may fix this glitch as well.

4. Update Max App

You might be using an outdated version of the HBO Max app on your Philips TV, which is causing compatibility issues. Luckily, updating the HBO Max app on an Android or Google tvOS is very easy and helps you get it working again quickly. To do this:

  • Open the Google Play Store app from the “Apps” section of your Philips Smart TV..
  • Search “Max.”
  • Select “Update.”
  • Relaunch the HBO Max app and see if this fixes the issue.

5. Delete the HBO Max and reinstall

It is possible HBO Max app installation files are corrupt or no longer compatible with your Philips TV. To fix this, reinstall the app on your TV with the following easy steps:

  • Press “Home” on the remote.
  • From “Settings,” select “Apps.” 
  • Find “Max.”
  • Choose “Uninstall,” and press OK on your remote to proceed with this action.
  • Go to the Google Play Store, install the HBO Max app, and verify this fix. 

6. Update Philips TV firmware

If the problem persists, update your Philips TV firmware that might be causing a conflict with the streaming app. Here’s how:

  • Open “Settings” from the Philips TV main menu. 
  • Find “Update Software” and press OK on the remote to select the option.  
  • Select “Search for Updates.”
  • Select “Internet.” 
  • Wait for the TV to find, download, and install the missing updates. 
  • If an update is found, select “Update” and accept TOU on the prompt.
  • Afterward, launch the HBO Max app on your Philips TV and enjoy seamless streaming.

INFO: Updating the Philips TV firmware can also help you get Amazon Prime Video to open on it.


In this article, we’ve discussed why the HBO Max app doesn’t work on your Philips Smart TV and discovered 6 solutions to get back to accessing the streaming platform in no time. 

We hope one of the fixes worked for you, but if the problem persists, contact Philips TV or HBO support and ask them about additional steps you can take to fix the issue.