My Firestick Keeps Closing Hulu By Itself

My Firestick Keeps Closing Hulu By Itself: Solved 

Does your Firestick keep closing the Hulu app itself back to the homepage, and you don’t know why this is happening? 

In this read today, you’ll learn the possible reasons for this glitch, some steps to diagnose the culprit, and how to get back to enjoying your favorite content seamlessly.

Why does my Hulu app keep closing on my Fire Stick?

  • Corrupt Hulu temporary data.
  • Outdated Hulu app or Firestick firmware.
  • The “Stop Live TV when Inactive” feature is enabled on Hulu.
  • Issues with the network connection.
  • Bugs in the Hulu app background processes.
  • Corrupt Hulu installation files.
  • Outdated Firestick software.
  • Insufficient storage space.

How to fix it when my Firestick keeps closing Hulu?

1. Force Stop Hulu

Force-stopping the Hulu app on your Firestick often proves to be an effective solution. Doing so ends any background tasks within the app that are responsible for this issue. Here’s how:

  • Open Firestick “Settings” (from the home screen).
  • Select “Applications.”
  • Select “Manage Installed Applications.”
  • Choose “Hulu.”
  • Select “Force Stop.”

Go back, open Hulu, and confirm whether you are enjoying a smooth viewing experience now.

2. Restart Firestick

Sometimes, a simple system restart works wonders to clear any bugs or glitches on your Firestick that may be causing unexpected glitches while playing the Hulu app. To do this: 

  • Unplug your Firestick from the power source.
  • Wait 30 – 60 seconds for its system to refresh. 
  • Plug the streaming stick back into the power source. 

Finally, go to the Home screen, relaunch the Hulu app, and verify the fix. 

3. Disable “Stop Live TV When Inactive”

The “Stop Live TV When Inactive” is a feature on Hulu that automatically kicks you out of its app when you haven’t interacted with it for a certain period of time. 

So, if you’ve enabled this feature on Hulu, do these steps to turn it off and enjoy uninterrupted movies and shows: 

  • Open the “Hulu” app.
  • Select the “Profile” icon.
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Select “Stop Live TV When Inactive.”
  • Toggle “OFF” to disable the feature, and that should do the trick.

4. Clear Hulu Cache Data

Corrupted temporary data is sometimes the main culprit why the Hulu app crashes and restarts on your Firestick. 

Therefore, it’s best to clear the app cache on your streaming device with the steps given below:

  • Open Firestick “Settings.”
  • Choose “Applications.”
  • Choose “Manage Installed Applications.”
  • Select “Hulu.”
  • Select “Clear Cache.”

If the issue persists, consider selecting “Clear Data” as well. It’s like a factory reset for the app itself, which deletes downloaded content and user settings.

After that, open Hulu on your Firestick and see whether this fixes the issue. 

NOTE: Ensure that you’ve disabled the ADB Debugging feature on your Firestick, as it often creates conflicts with apps and leads them to keep closing.

5. Check the Internet Connection

Hulu relies on a stable internet connection to provide you with seamless video streaming. So, if your network speed is not up to par on the streaming device, the app may crash during video playback. 

To verify this, run a speed test on your internet connection, and if it’s unsatisfactory, do these steps: 

  • Restart your router or modem to re-establish a stable connection with your ISP. 
  • Move your TV with Firestick closer to the router. 
  • Pause or limit activities like large file downloads or online gaming on other devices while streaming Hulu.
  • If your router supports dual-band Wi-Fi, switch to the 5GHz from 2GHz.

6. Delete Unnecessary Apps or Content

In case your Fire TV Stick does not have enough space to operate smoothly, it may lead to performance issues and cause the Hulu app to keep closing by itself.

Therefore, delete all the unnecessary apps and remove the APK files on your streaming device to free up some space and check if the problem recurs.

7. Update the Hulu App

An outdated Hulu app on your Fire TV Stick may not be compatible with the latest system changes, leading it to close unexpectedly. 

The quick solution here is to update the Hulu app on your streaming stick this way

  • Grab your Firestick remote and open Firestick “Settings.”
  • Choose “Applications.”
  • Select “Appstore.”
  • Select “Automatic Updates” and set it to “ON.”

This will automatically update all the apps on the streaming stick, including Hulu, and hopefully resolve the problem for you.

NOTE: The outdated Hulu app may also cause it to go dark on your streaming device.

In case this doesn’t help, try updating your Firestick firmware to the latest version in the following way:

  • Open Fire TV Stick “Settings.”
  • Choose “My Fire TV.”
  • Select “About.”
  • Select “Install Update.”
  • Choose “Update to Install System Components,” and that’s about it!

8. Reinstall Hulu

Reinstalling the Hulu app on your Firestick may clear out any misconfigurations or corrupt installation files that lead it to close or restart frequently. To do this: 

  • Open Firestick “Settings.”
  • Select “Applications.”
  • Select “Manage Installed Applications.”
  • Choose “Hulu.”
  • Select “Uninstall.”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation process. 

Now, select “Find” on the main screen, select “Search,” search for Hulu, and choose “Download.” Open the app and confirm if the problem is resolved. 

9. Reset Firestick to Default Settings

If all else fails, reset your Firestick to the default settings to remove any corrupt system files that may be resulting in this problem. Here’s how: 

  • Open Fire TV Stick “Settings.”
  • Choose “My Fire TV.”
  • Select “Reset to Factory Defaults” or “Reset.”
  • Select “Reset.”

Afterward, reconfigure your Fire TV Stick, re-install Hulu, and verify if this fix worked for you. 


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explained why your Firestick keeps closing the Hulu app back to the home page and how you can tackle this annoying issue with ease.

We hope you with these troubleshooting steps at your fingertips, you can now immerse yourself in your favorite Hulu shows and movies without any disruptions while watching them on Firestick.