Can't Send Message With Sky Error 0 Code

Can’t Send Message With Sky Error 0 Code – 8 Quick Fixes

Are you a Sky Mobile user but often faced with the error code 0 while sending a message to a specific contact or a 5 or 7-digit number?

To help you send messages successfully, we’ll explore the reasons for this error showing up on your phone and how you can troubleshoot it quickly. 

Why can’t I send text messages on Sky?

  • Parental controls are active on your Sky Mobile SIM.
  • You have exceeded the spending limit on your Sky account.
  • Over 18+ settings are off in your account.
  • Shortcodes are blocked if you are using a Samsung phone.
  • Wrong Message Center Number.
  • Sky Mobile service is experiencing an outage or facing converge issues.
  • Misconfigured or corrupt carrier network settings on your Android phone or iPhone.

How do I fix error 0 on my Sky?

1. Check Spend Limit

Sometimes, the error 0 shows up while sending an SMS to a 5 or 7-digit number if you have accidentally exceeded your spend cap. 

To remove the spending limit:

  • Log into your Sky account on the web portal or use the Sky app.
  • Open “My Account.”
  • Go to the “Mobile” tab.
  • Select your SIM.
  • Open “Settings.”
  • Change or remove your monthly spending cap limit.

There is yet another situation where your balance is low, and you cannot cover the charges to send premium text messages to any utility or entertainment company. So consider topping up the balance or upgrading to a better Sky Mobile package that can meet up with these costs. 

2. Unblock Parental Controls

It’s possible that the accessibility to over 18+ content settings is off in your Sky Mobile account, and that’s why you cannot send the premium SMS to a 5-digit number for adult content. 

To remove this restriction:

  • Log into your Sky account on the web portal or use the Sky app.
  • Click “My Account.”
  • Go to “Mobile” tab.
  • Select your SIM.
  • Open “Settings.”
  • Select “Manage My Settings.”
  • Scroll to “Manage Your Settings.”
  • Turn off parental controls. 

You may have to pay £1 using your credit card to verify your identity as an 18+ years old. 

3. Save the Number In Your Contact 

One quick fix to resolve Sky error 0 on your phone is to save the 5-digit number in your Contacts list and then send a message. This way, you not only avoid typing in the recipient numbers incorrectly but also fix the glitches in the Messages app that caused the issue.   

4. Reconfigure Sky Network Settings

  • Sign into your account on the Sky Mobile website or the app.
  • Head to “My Account.”
  • Click “Mobile.”
  • Open “Settings.”
  • Scroll to “Resend Network Settings.”
  • Select “Request Settings.”
  • Wait for the network settings to receive on your phone and save them afterward.
  • Restart your phone.

Now try to send a message to any specific number causing the 0 error and verify the fix!

5. Check Sky Mobile Service

Sky Mobile often goes under scheduled maintenance, and the service goes offline till it gets back up and running again. In such a case, you may see an error 0 whenever you try to send a text to a number.  

To verify this, check the Sky Mobile service status in your area. If the downtime is confirmed, wait for a few hours and try again. 

6. Unrestrict Shortcodes on Samsung Phone

While sending a message to a 5-digit or 7-digit number from a Samsung phone, you may see a “Can’t send message with Sky – Error 0” code if the shortcodes are not allowed.  

To remove the shortcode restriction for Sky Mobile on your Samsung phone:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “Application Manager.”
  • Select “All.” 
  • Choose “Messages.”
  • Head to “Permissions.” 
  • Find a drop-down menu with the Sky Mobile options for sending PSMS.
  • Choose “Always allow.”

Here’s another way of doing the same thing: 

  • Open Samsung “Settings.”
  • Tap “Application Manager.”
  • Select “All.” 
  • Tap the Menu icon.
  • Tap “Special Access.”
  • Choose “Use Premium text message service.”
  • Select “Always Allow.”

After enabling shortcodes for Sky Mobile, send a message to a 5-digit number and see if this fixes the error code.  

7. Check Sky Messaging Center Number

If the Sky Mobile Messaging Center Number is incorrect on your phone, an error 0 may pop up while sending messages. To verify this:

  • Open the “Messages” app.
  • Open Messages “Settings.”
  • Tap “More Settings.”
  • Tap “Text Messages.”
  • Select “Message Center.”
  • Replace the number with the Sky Mobile SMS center “+447488201234.”

On an iPhone, dial **5005*7672*+447488201234# to add the correct Sky Mobile Message Service Center Number. 

8. Contact Sky Mobile

If all else fails, contact Sky Mobile support by calling the 150 toll-free number. They can look and troubleshoot any issues with your account that lead to the error code 0 while sending premium 5 or 7-digit SMS. 


In this article, we’ve discussed why “Can’t send message with Sky error 0” code appears on your phone while sending a text to a specific contact or a premium number.  We’ve also explored 8 methods to fix this glitch once and for all.   

Hopefully, you can now send texts to take part in various competitions on radio and TV, pay your bills, and communicate with ease!