Sky Q Box Loud Fan Noise

Sky Q Box Loud Fan Noise: What To Do?

Sky Q box is Sky TV’s premium product for consumers who don’t want to invest in Sky Glass TV, but many users report it’s loud fan noise or the fans constantly running at high speed.

Below, we’ll explore why this is happening on Sky Q box 1TB and 2TB models and what you can do to solve the issue before contacting Sky support.

Why my Sky Q box fan is noisy?

Sky Q box has a hard disk with temperature-controlled fans that becomes noisy due to a temporary software glitch, excessive heat buildup, or a faulty internal cooling fan. You can experience this issue in both Sky Q 1TB and 2TB boxes.

How do I fix my Sky Q box loud fan noise?

1. Power Cycle the Q box

The quickest way to resolve many Sky Q box issues is to power cycle the unit. To do this:

  • Press the Standby button on the Sky Q remote and switch off the main box at the mains.
  • Wait for the illuminating lights on the front panel to go off.
  • Plug out all the cables from the unit and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Plug in all the cables and switch on the Q Box from the mains.
  • Now you’ll see the on-screen instructions appear and disappear.
  • Press the Home button on the remote and confirm that the loud fan noise is fixed.

2. Reset Sky Q hidden menu

If you observe loud fan noise still coming out of your Sky Q box, reset the unit by accessing its secret menu. Here’s how:

  • Press the Home button on the remote that comes with your Sky Q box.
  • Navigate to the Settings option, but press the Select button on the remote.
  • Press 0 0 1 on the remote.
  • Now you’ll see the secret engineer’s system menu; choose Reset in the left pane.
  • Select Reset Settings or Factory Reset in the right pane.
  • Wait about 20 minutes to let the Q box complete the whole process.
  • Reboot the unit and see if this fixes the loud fan noise issue.

INFO: Resetting from the hidden menu will erase all your stored settings, and you will have to set up your Sky Q box again.

Can a sky Q box overheat?

Your Sky Q box can overheat and show a red power light if you place it directly on the carpet or deep-pile rug. The carpet or rug fibers can trap the hot air coming out of the unit. This generates a load on the fans in an effort to circulate the air quickly, which results in a loud noise.

This constant stress on the fans can lead to their failure. Therefore, the best practice is to place your Sky Q box on a flat surface to prolong the life of fans and make them quieter.

Note: Avoid exposing your Sky Q box to direct sunlight, as it can warm the unit, causing the fans to sound louder than usual.

Does Sky Q box need ventilation?

Sky Q box fans are temperature-controlled, and they run quietly to ventilate the heat inside the unit from the air vents. Follow the below recommendations to allow your main box to ventilate air better. Otherwise, the fan blades can wear out through constant running, making them noisy.

  • Do not place the Sky Q box below or on top of other gadgets like a gaming console.
  • While placing the unit in a closet or shelf, keep the doors open and do not pile up other heat-generating devices in there.
  • Leave at least 10cm of space to the sides and above the main box vents for heat dissipation.
  • Buy a mini bracket to hang your Sky Q box away from other devices and interferences for better airflow.


Sky Q box can overheat if placed on a carpet, in an unventilated area, or exposed to direct sunlight, causing the fans to run constantly and make a loud noise. The fans can also make noise due to the unit’s corrupt firmware settings.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you fix this problem yourself. However, if the issue persists, the internal cooling fans or the unit might be damaged. In this case, contact Sky Support. They will send an engineer to troubleshoot the problem and may replace your Sky Q Box if needed.