Sky Q Box Red Light Stays On In the Middle

Sky Q Box Red Light Stays On In the Middle – 8 Quick Fixes

Many Sky Q box users complain that the red Standby or recording light in the middle stays on and are often confused about what that means or how to fix this issue. 

Find out below why you are seeing this light and explore some proven solutions to fix this problem as soon as possible. 

Why is the red light staying on my Sky Q box?

  • Glitching firmware.
  • Sky Q box stuck after a scheduled software update.
  • Hardware problems.
  • Overheating issue.
  • Sky Q remote buttons are sticking.
  • Insufficient power supply to the set-top box.

How do I fix the red light on my Sky Q box?

1. Power Cycle Sky Q Box

Before trying more advanced solutions, power cycle the set-top box to resolve any system bugs causing it to flash red on the front. Here’s how: 

  • Unplug the Sky Q box power cable at the mains. 
  • Wait 30-40 seconds and plug the power cable back into the wall socket.
  • Now, wait 4-5 minutes and press “Standby” on the Sky Q box to check if this fixes the issue. 

2. Check Power Supply

If the set-top box is stuck on Standby and the power light is red, it might not be getting enough voltages to turn on. 

To fix this, check the power supply cable at the back of your Sky Q box and at the mains for a firm connection. If all seems okay, inspect the cable for any visible wear and tear and replace it if needed. 

3. Check Sky Q Remote

A flashing red standby light on the front of the box is also caused by one or more buttons sticking on the remote and giving multiple false signals. Therefore, wipe the keypad with a damp cloth, use a spray can to blow some air into it, and ensure all buttons are stick-free.  

Next, pair your remote to the set-top box with these quick steps:

  • Press “Home” on remote
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Setup” > “Remote Control.”
  • Select your remote.
  • Select “Control your TV.”
  • Choose your TV brand.
  • Select “Find it for me.”
  • Press the 1 and 3 buttons on the remote for a couple of seconds and type in the code appearing on the TV screen.

Hopefully, the box will come out of the stuck state, and the light will turn red to green this time.

4. Let Sky Q Box Cool Down

When the internal temperature of the Sky Q box becomes too high, it triggers a safety mechanism that causes the fan to make a loud noise or enter Standby mode to prevent any damage. This often leads to a solid red light that stays on in the middle of the set-top box. 

Therefore, keep your Sky Q box on an elevated surface with gaps on each side so the air moves freely around it. You can also try turning off the box for at least 15-20 minutes before plugging it back in to dissipate the excess heat. 

5. Update Recently Installed Software Update

You may see a pulsating blue light with a red Standby light right after updating the device software automatically. This means the update got corrupt and needs to be recovered with the following steps:

  • Turn off your Sky Q box by unplugging its cable at the mains. 
  • Press “Standby” on the box and plug the power cable back into the mains.
  • Keep pressing the “Standby” button till you see alternating red and amber lights on the box to start the software update process. 
  • If you fail to see the lights, repeat the above steps or contact Sky Q box support for a replacement. 
  • Now wait for the box to switch off, show a single red light, and restart.  
  • Wait for the on-screen messages to disappear.
  • Press “Home” on the remote to turn on your Sky box without the red light. 

TIP: If the screen freezes during the last two steps of the recovery process, switch off and on the Sky Q box at the mains, and you should see the on-screen messages. Wait patiently for all the features to work on your box, which may take about five minutes. 

6. Factory Reset Sky Q Box

If none of the above solutions work and you still see the red light on your Sky box, hard reset it to restore the default settings. To do this: 

  • Press “Home” on the remote.
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Type 001 on the remote to access the hidden menu of your set-top box.
  • Press “Select.”
  • Choose “Reset.”
  • Scroll down a little and choose “Reset” next to “Factory Reset.”
  • Press “Standby” on your Sky Q box to initiate the reset process.
  • Wait for your Sky Q box to restore the default settings, and confirm the fix afterward.  

NOTE: Factory resetting will remove all your settings and log you out of your streaming apps on your Sky Q.  

Why is the red recording light stuck on my Sky Q box?

If the red light on your Sky Q box is always on, but nothing is recording, there might be an issue while downloading or recording scheduled shows or movies. To fix this, press the green button on the set-top and hold it down for 20 seconds to give the Sky Q box a full reboot.

In case this fails, try the following 2 methods:

1. Check Scheduled Recordings or Downloads

Your box might be in the process of recording or downloading a show, due to which the red light constantly flashes on its front panel.  

To check this, try these steps: 

  • Press “Sky” on the remote supplied with your set-top box. 
  • Select “Scheduled” to check if the box is set to record any content. 
  • If not, select “Manage.”
  • Press “Select.”
  • Choose “Downloading” and see if any download is in progress.  

2. Reset Sky Q Box Settings

If your set-top box is permanently stuck on the red recording light, reset the settings to default to restore normal functionality. Although this will fix the issue, you will lose all your recordings and will have to start from scratch again. Here’s how:

  • Press “Home” on the Sky Q remote.
  • Access “Settings.”
  • Press “001” on the Sky Q remote to navigate to its secret menu.
  • Select “Reset.”
  • Go to “Reset Settings.”
  • Choose “Reset.”
  • Select “Confirm.”
  • Press “Standby” when the on-screen instructions disappear and verify that the issue is fixed.

NOTE: After resetting the settings, re-pair your remote with the set-top box using the method mentioned above in this guide.


This article explored why a red Standby or power light stays on in the middle of your Sky Q box. We’ve also discussed several methods to troubleshoot the issue quickly.

We’ve also tried to troubleshoot the red light illuminating on the box, but nothing is recording. 

With these tips and tricks, hopefully, you can now get your Sky Q box out of the Standby mode and enjoy uninterrupted TV shows or movies seamlessly.