How To Turn Off Auto Wake On Oculus Quest 2 – Find It Out!

Many users wonder how to turn off the auto wake feature on their Oculus Quest 2 to prevent the headset from turning on automatically and preserve battery power.

In the article below, we’ll show how to do this on your VR headset to optimize and extend battery life. We’ll also explore why your gadget turns on by itself after disabling auto-wake and what you can do to stop this from happening. 

What is auto-wake on Oculus Quest 2?

Your Oculus Quest 2 has an “Auto-wake” feature, which is enabled by default. When you pick up the headset, this feature automatically switches it on to make it ready for use.  

Although the “Auto-wake” feature comes in handy, it drains the headset battery if you only move around while holding it. For instance, if you put the gadget in the suitcase and start moving, it may sense you are picking it up for use and, in reaction, turns on intermittently. 

The proximity sensor above the headset lenses is also super sensitive and can trigger the “Auto-wake” feature to turn the headset on by mistake. 

Therefore, it is best to keep this feature disabled so that the headset only switches on when you press the side button to wake it up after putting it on. This preserves the Oculus battery for long hours of usage later.  

How do I turn off auto wake on Oculus Quest?

1. Using Oculus Quest Headset Settings

The simplest way to switch off the auto wake feature on your Oculus is from the headset settings. To do this:

  • Press the “Power” button to switch on your Oculus Quest 2 headset.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Press “See All.”
  • Select the “Devices” tab.
  • Press the “Power” option.
  • Toggle off “Auto Wake Headset,” and you’re done!

2. Using the Meta Quest App

You can also disable the “Auto Wake” feature through the Meta Quest app on your Android or iOS device in the following way:

  • Open “Meta Quest.”
  • Select “Menu.”
  • Tap “Devices.”
  • Select your headset.
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Tap “Power.”
  • Toggle off “Auto Wake,” and that’s about it.

Auto Wake is Disabled, But Oculus keeps turning By Itself

If you have turned off the “Auto Wake” feature on your VR gadget, but the headset is still turning on by itself, here are 4 easy ways to stop this from happening:  

1. Do a Full Shut Down

Your Oculus Quest 2 may turn on by itself with even a slight movement around it if you remove it from your head and place it on a shelf or the box for storage. Therefore, always do a full shutdown after using your gadget. To do this: 

  • Press the “Power” button on the side and hold it till you see the Power menu in the VR display.
  • Select “Power Off” and wait for the headset to shut down completely.
  • Move a few objects around the headset and see if it turns on this time.
  • Wait a few hours, switch on the headset, and verify the fix. 

2. Remove Cover On Lenses

The lenses on the Oculus Quest 2 are very sensitive and detect movement without touching if you cover them with a cloth or cover for storage. When this happens, the headset wakes up, drains the battery, and you may witness a blinking red light on it.

Therefore, remove any cover on the lenses, and things will improve onward. 

3. Check for Updates

Many users report the problem occurred after the headset updated the software. This may mean that the issue is with the updated version introducing a bug in the firmware.

To fix this, manually install the latest update, which may contain a patch to fix the intermittent turn-on issue on the headset. To do this:

  • Press the “Oculus” button to open the menu and select “Settings” on the VR display.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “About.”
  • Select “Software Update.”

After updating the software, keep your fingers crossed for this method to work in your favor.

4. Check the Power Button

It is possible your Oculus Quest 2 “Power” button on the side is stuck, causing the headset to turn off and on by itself. Your best bet, in this case, is to contact Meta Support and let them take a look at the button to repair it. 

If your headset is out of warranty, you can also take it to an authorized repair center near you for a quick repair job.


In this article, we’ve explored the “Auto-wake” feature on Oculus headset and how to turn it off.

Additionally, we explained what to do if your gadget still powers on by itself, even after deactivating this feature.

We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information, and you can now stop your VR headset from waking up automatically to save battery.