vodafone error 28

Vodafone Error 28: Can’t Send Texts?

Are you frustrated with Vodafone error 28 that is stopping you from sending important text messages? 

In this article, we’ll explore why you are experiencing this error on your phone and how you can get back to enjoying seamless text communication with others.

Why is my Vodafone not sending SMS?

  • You are outside the Vodafone coverage.
  • You are using the wrong recipient number.
  • Insufficient Vodafone data allowance in your account. 
  • Texting a reverse charge or a five-digit number.
  • Misconfigured Vodafone APN settings on your Android or iPhone.
  • Wrong SMS center number.
  • An issue with the SIM card.
  • Excessive Messaging app history or cache data.

How do I fix error 28 on Vodafone?

1. Check Network Coverage Area

The first thing to fix the error code is to verify you are in the Vodafone coverage area. To do this:

  • Launch a browser and go to the Vodafone Network Status Checker page.
  • Type in your location and hit Enter to get a map and detailed status to check the network coverage.
  • If the Vodafone coverage is unavailable, move to a different location or wait until the network restores in your area.

Vodafone coverage issues also result in calls going straight to voicemail.

2. Verify Recipient’s Phone Number

It is possible that you’ve entered the wrong contact information of the recipient while sending the message using your Vodafone SIM.

Therefore, check the phone number; if it is correct, try adding a “+” sign before it to see if this resolves the Vodafone error.

3. Check the Vodafone Data Allowance

If the contact information is correct, check your Vodafone mobile data allowance. To do this, dial *111*2*2#  or text Data Bal to 144 from your phone.

You can also sign in to your Vodafone account on the My Vodafone app or website and check the Pay Monthly data usage on the main dashboard.

If you’ve exhausted the data allowance limit, consider topping up or upgrading to a higher plan.

4. Enable Texting To Reseverse Charge Number

Vodafone restricts sending messages to a five-digit or a reverse charge number to avoid incurring unexpected charges. This can lead to error 28.

To remove this restriction, open the My Vodafone app and sign in to your account. Navigate to the Spend Manager section and disable this feature or increase the spending limit.

 5. Update APN Settings

Incorrect APN settings on your phone can cause problems with PLMN registration, resulting in error 28 when texting someone.

To manually update the APN settings on your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Cellular Data Network/Mobile Data Network > APN, select Vodafone, and configure the settings as given in the picture below:

Vodafone APN settings

On your Android device, head to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Name, tap Vodafone, and add the above info and values. Then, click the three-dots menu, tap Save, and try sending a message to see if the error persists.

6. Check the SIM Card

If your SIM card is not seated correctly into your phone, it can also cause this error. To fix this, use a paper clip or ejecting tool to remove the SIM tray.  

Now, place the card correctly, put the tray back into its compartment, and enter the PIN code to complete the process. Afterward, launch the Messaging app and verify the fix.

7. Use Correct SMS Gateway

  • Open Messages.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap SMS/MMS Settings.
  • Select SMS Service Center.
  • Enter the +447785016005 key for Vodafone and tap OK/Set.
  • Send a text and see if this resolves the error 28.

INFO: You can also clear the Messaging app history or cache data to resolve the temporary glitches causing this error.


Vodafone error 28 triggers if the PLMN does not recognize the sender or receiver, the recipient’s contact information is incorrect, or the Vodafone data allowance is insufficient. The error can also occur due to a misconfigured SMS center number and incorrect APN settings.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you resolve the error code without much effort. But, if all else fails, contact Vodafone Customer Support for a conclusive fix.