Why Is ChatGPT Not Working In The UK

Why Is ChatGPT Not Working In The UK?

ChatGPT has gained immense popularity due to its natural language processing and exceptional AI capabilities, but many users report that it is not working in the UK, and they cannot get responses from their prompts.

In this article, we’ll explain why this happens and let you in with some steps to get rid of this frustrating issue quickly.

Is ChatGPT available in the UK?

Although a few countries, such as Italy, China, Syria, etc., have banned Chat GPT due to legal, privacy, and regulatory concerns to protect their citizen’s data, you can still use it in the UK. 

However, time will tell how the UK and other European countries respond to these threats from OpenAI. 

Why isn’t ChatGPT working in the UK?

  • Secure DNS is activated on your browser.
  • The ChatGPT server is overloaded.
  • Your network has blocked the ChatGPT core requests.
  • You may have a corrupt browser or DNS cache. 
  • Ad-blockers or other extensions are blocking the chatbot conversations from loading.
  • Your home IP address might be classified in the wrong country.

How do I use ChatGPT in the UK?

1. Use Another Network

Chat GPT may have blocked your network-provided IP address, and that’s one of the reasons you get the “Oops! OpenAI’s services are not available in your country” error message when accessing the chatbot in the UK. 

The same can be true about your network provider, and they may have also prohibited the use of Chat GPT. 

To fix this, first switch to another Wi-Fi connection and try using the AI tool. In case this doesn’t help, use your mobile data as a hotspot connection to your computer and see if this fixes your issue. 

2. Use a VPN

Another working fix is to simply download and install a VPN on your computer browser. Then, select a server other than the UK, and this may help you bypass IP blockages while using Chat GPT on your computer browser. 

Note: A corrupt browser cache is one of the reasons for the OpenAI tool failing to work and slow browsing in the UK. 

3. Fix Network Issues

A slow internet connection often prevents ChatGPT from working in any region. Therefore, use these methods to troubleshoot your internet connection and restore the default speed. 

  • Restart your router and reset it using the “Reset” button at the back/front afterward.
  • Make sure you have an active subscription or that enough bandwidth is left for browsing.
  • Contact your service provider and inquire about any downtimes they face, resulting in slow network speed. 
  • Move your computer closer to the router for stable Wi-Fi signals. 

4. Flush DNS 

DNS records or IP addresses on your Windows or Mac computer can also corrupt, which results in internet connectivity issues, leading to Chat GPT failure to work.  

To resolve this, you need to release and renew the IP addresses and flush the DNS cache by following these steps: 


  • Search Command Prompt using the “Search” box on the desktop, right-click on it, and select “Run as administrator.”
  • Type “ipconfig /flushdns.”
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Type “ipconfig /release.” 
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Input “ipconfig /renew.” Press the “Enter” key.
  • Wait for the confirmation message, close the command prompt, and restart your computer.


  • Press “Option+Command+Space” to open “Finder.”
  • Select “Applications.”
  • Choose “Utilities.”
  • Click “Terminal.”
  • Type in “sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder.”
  • Press “Enter.”
  • Enter your password.
  • Press “Enter” again. 
  • Restart your Mac.

Afterward, access the chatbot on your computer, send text or image prompts, and hopefully, it will provide a response to your prompts without displaying any error messages.

5. Check ChatGPT Server Status

Chat GPT service outages can also be the cause of your issue. This can happen when its servers are loaded, or they are down for maintenance. 

To verify this in the UK, go to the Down Detector website and verify that others are experiencing the same problem. 

If so, all you can do is wait for the service to restore (which often takes a few hours). 

6. Disable Secure DNS Request 

There’s another possibility! It’s possible the issue is not specific to the UK, but the Secure DNS settings on your Windows browser failed to translate the Chat GPT domain into an IP in real-time, which is why it stopped working. 

To fix this, disable this setting on your computer browser in the following way: 


  • Open “Chrome.”
  • Click the three dots.
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Head to “Privacy and Security.”
  • Click “Security.”
  • Toggle off “Use Secure DNS.”


  • Open “Firefox.”
  • Click the three lines.
  • Click “Settings.”
  • Go to “Privacy & Security.”
  • Go to “Enable DNS Over HTTPS Using.”
  • Select “Off.”

Microsoft Edge:

  • Open “Microsoft Edge.”
  • Click the three dots.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Click “Privacy, Search, and Services.”
  • Toggle off “Use Secure DNS To Specify How To Lookup The Network Address For Websites.”


  • Open “Opera.”
  • Type in “about:settings” in the address bar.
  • Press “Enter” (on the keyboard).
  • Choose “Privacy & Security.”
  • Click “Advanced.”
  • Toggle off “Use DNS-over-HTTPS Instead of the System’s DNS Settings.”

Then, go back and refresh the ChatGPT page to verify the fix.


In this article, we’ve explained why ChatGPT is not working, especially in the UK, and discussed 6 ways to get rid of this issue without spending too much time searching for answers.

Hopefully, with these solutions at your disposal, you can now access OpenAI from your computer browser and start getting responses from your prompts without further hassle.