Cox Remote Blinking Red

Why Is My Cox Remote Blinking Red? 7 Reasons & Fixes

Are you trying to adjust the volume, switch channels, or use voice control on your Cox streaming equipment, but the remote is blinking red light and is unresponsive to your commands?

In this read, we’ll tell you the primary reasons why this happens and what you can do to fix the issue. We’ll also explore how you can reset your Cox XR11 RF remote.

Why does my Cox remote keep blinking red?

  • Pairing issue.
  • Weak or dead batteries.
  • Faulty receiver.
  • The remote is not in TV mode.
  • Other devices are interfering with the remote’s radio frequency.
  • Damaged remote.
  • TV or Cox receiver temporarily glitching.

How do I fix Cox blinking red light?

1. Replace the Batteries

Due to weak batteries, your Cox remote might not have enough power to send signals to the receiving device. So it is best to replace them with a new set of batteries to fix the blinking red light. Here’s how:

  • Slide down the battery cover on the back of the remote and remove the old batteries. 
  • Install two new AA batteries according to the polarity markings (+ and -).
  • Put the back cover on the battery compartment and slide it up until it clicks into place.
  • Test the remote functions to see if it works now.

2. Configure the Remote With TV

If your remote is not set to TV mode, it won’t turn your TV on and off, failing to execute the command and displaying a blinking red light.

To configure the remote to TV mode, do these steps:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Check the user guide for the remote to find the 5-digit code for your TV manufacturer. 
  • Press & hold the “Setup” button on the remote and wait until the status LED flashes from red to green. 
  • Enter the five-digit code, and the status light will flash green twice.
  • Press the “TV” button on the remote, press “Power,” press the channel buttons, and verify the red light is gone.

3. Reset and Re-pair the Remote With Receiver

Sometimes, the Contour remote fails to pair with your Cox receiver and malfunctions, resulting in a flashing red light. 

To pair your Cox remote to the receiver correctly:

  • Turn on the Cox receiver and the TV.
  • Press & hold the “Setup” button on the remote until the LED light turns red to green. 
  • Press the 9,8 and 1 buttons on the remote to reset it.
  • Press “CONTOUR.”
  • Wait for a moment till you see the green light flashing twice on the remote.
  • Follow the instructions on your TV to initiate the re-pairing process.
  • Enter the three-digit code that displays on the TV screen.
  • Press “CONTOUR, and the remote won’t blink red this time, meaning it is fully operational.

4. Move the Remote Away From Other Devices 

Other devices that use radio frequency, such as wireless routers, baby monitors, cordless phones, oscillating amplifiers, or microwave ovens, can interfere with your Cox remote’s signals, preventing it from working with the receiver. When this happens, you may witness the remote blinking red light as a sign of malfunction.  

So keep your remote at least three feet away from these devices, and avoid placing any metal objects between the remote and the TV or receiver.

5. Restart Cox Receiver

Occasional glitches on your Cox receiver can also stop the remote from working with it. To fix this issue, restart the devices with these steps:

  • Unplug the power cord of your Cox device and the TV from the wall outlet.
  • Wait 30 seconds, and plug both the power cords of both devices into the mains.
  • Press the “Power” button on your device to turn it on.
  • Test the remote functions and see if it blinks red.

6. Replace the Remote or Receiver

If the remote blinks a green and red light, it may mean the Cox receiver is failing to receive the RF signals.

In this case, log in to your Cox account, contact the support team, and ask them to send a technician. The technician will inspect hardware issues with the remote or the TV equipment and advise you on repair or replacement.


In this article, we’ve explored why your Cox remote is flashing a red light and how you can fix this issue to restore its full functionality.

We hope you can now use your Cox remote to successfully perform various tasks, like voice control, without facing any more issues.