bbc iplayer not working on sky glass

BBC iPlayer Not Working On Sky Glass – Answered

Is the BBC iPlayer app not working on your Sky Glass TV and displaying a “Currently Unavailable” or “Service Unavailable” error message, leaving you frustrated about what to do next? 

In this guide, we will explore the reasons and solutions for this problem to save you time on research.

Why is BBC iPlayer not working on Sky Glass?

If BBC iPlayer is not working on your Sky Glass and the service or content is currently unavailable, this happens when the TV software is temporarily glitching or the streaming service is down.

It is also possible that Sky Glass is having trouble connecting to the internet, the network speed is poor, or there is a glitch in the BBC iPlayer app.  

How do I get BBC iPlayer to work?

1. Resolve Network Connectivity & Speed Issues

Poor connectivity or slow WiFi signals may cause buffering and prevent the BBC iPlayer content from streaming effectively on your Sky Glass. 

First, press the Home button on the Sky Glass remote, go to Settings > Set Up > Network, and verify that the Glass TV is connected to the internet. If not, select a Wi-Fi network and initiate a connection.

In case this does not fix the issue, move the router closer to the TV for a better Wi-Fi range. Also, reboot your router to clear out the memory and refresh the connection to troubleshoot slow internet speed.  

2. Force Restart Sky Glass

You can also troubleshoot the iPlayer app by force restarting your Sky Glass. To do this, turn off the TV, plug it out from the mains, and hold the Power button for 20 seconds while reconnecting the power cable. 

Now launch the BBC iPlayer app on your Sky Glass and see if this fixes the issue. 

3. Update Glass Software

BBC iPlayer app often fails to work and shows the Content/Service Unavailable error if your Sky Glass TV runs on an outdated version. Press the Home button on the remote, head to Settings > System Management > Reset and Updates > Updates, and select the Check for Updates option.  

Hopefully, Player streaming will start working again after updating the Sky Glass software.

4. Refresh iPlayer App

The corrupt BBC iPlayer version on your Sky Glass can lead to streaming issues. Luckily, you can resolve this issue by simply refreshing the app and clearing its data.

5. Sign into the App Again

App sessions can corrupt and cause various error codes on a streaming device. So log out and log back into the iPlayer app to start a new session. Here’s how:

  • Turn on your Sky Glass TV, launch the BBC iPlayer app, and select the Sign-in option.
  • Open a browser on your PC and head to the BBC account page.
  • Click Sign in on your TV
  • Type in the code shown on your Sky Glass when prompted and see if the error message is gone. 

6. Check BBC iPlayer Service Status

When BBC iPlayer service is down, the content won’t load on any device, including Sky Glass. To confirm this, head to the Down Detector website and verify that the service is experiencing an outage. You can also check the comments section below to see if other users are facing the same issue.

Once confirmed, the only thing left here to do is wait patiently until the Sky technicians resolve the problems at their end and get the service back up and running. Usually, this may take a few hours to a whole day. 


BBC iPlayer won’t work on your Sky Glass TV and throws a Service or Content Unavailable error due to an outage, outdated TV software, a glitching app, an invalid session, or internet connectivity issues. 

We hope that one of the methods in this article helped you fix the issue, and you can now enjoy BBC iPlayer streaming channels on your Sky Glass without further interruptions. If none of the solutions work, contact Sky support and get your TV checked for hardware and software failure.